February 4, 2023

Upland Hunting

Sorry we no longer are doing bird hunting for this year

Must Call the lodge to set up a hunt.  1 day notice is required.  No same day call ins to hunt. 920-826-7382

The most natural bird hunting experience this side of the Dakotas! At Little Creek, we want you to have the best upland bird hunting experience possible. In addition to offering nearly 600 continuous private acres, our fields of sorghum, switch grass and marshes bisected by two natural spring fed creeks will provide some of the best coverage for natural pheasant and chukar hunting that you have ever seen. We use only premium quality pheasants that are “raised wild and kept wild.” We get our birds from the best breeders in the state and keep them healthy in a large flight pen. You’ll see first hand what quality flight birds are like!  With a natural carryover of pheasants and some of the best cover around, we are sure that you will make Little Creek a part of your upland hunting plans year after year.

Hunting Rules:
24 hour notice to reserve a hunting field
No same day hunting No hunting license is required.
Hunters must register upon arrival and check out before leaving.
Reservations must be made in advance, and we will try to accommodate your choice of field for hunting (if you have any preference).
The season runs from Sept. 1 through Mar. 15. Closed the week of gun deer hunting season.

50% blaze orange is required. Without it, you may not hunt.
Safety glasses and ear protection are suggested.
Absolutely NO alcohol prior to or during a hunt.
No ground swatting birds.
No shooting towards buildings, or within 50 feet of any public roadway.
Permission must be received by landowners before retrieval of birds off the game farm property. TRESSPASSING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
If a reasonable complaint is made by any neighbor, hunting privileges may be revoked in that area for the entire season. No hunting in the woods. This land is not licensed game farm. The DNR will issue severe and costly penalties.
Package Holders are responsible for making guests aware of all club rules and safety regulations.
All guests must sign club rules and regulations before hunting.
Children over 12 must have had a hunter safety course to hunt.
Maximum of one child per adult, or no more than two children per field.
Guides must be requested at least three days prior to the hunt. There will be a $25.00 charge for failing to cancel within 24 hours.
Tipping of guides is encouraged.
Hunters may use their own dogs if they are kept under control at all times.
No dogs allowed in clubhouse.
Guns must be unloaded and cased until hunters reach their assigned area and before they leave the area.
There will be no carry over of birds from one season to the next. Any unclaimed birds will become property of Little Creek Lodge.
Hunting packages are not transferable or redeemable.
Owners reserve the right to restrict activities on the preserve.
Scratch hunting will be allowed at no additional cost to package holders that release the required number of birds for their scheduled hunting time. (2 birds per hunter/4 birds for group with 3+) Released bird hunts will take precedence over scheduled scratch hunt
Information Regarding All Hunting Packages
50/50 Hen-Rooster mix
Any end of season bird special will be offered to current package holders first No credit for the following season will be given for un-hunted birds
Season begins September 1st ends March 15th — birds are only guaranteed until March 15th
No guest fees or limit on hunters that can be listed on a hunting package
An additional $2.00 will be charged for all birds released from Jan 1st, 2017 — Jan 31st, 2017 An additional $4.00 will be charged for all birds released from Feb 1st, 2017 — Feb 28th, 2017 An additional $6.00 will be charged for all birds released from Mar 1st, 2017 — Mar 15th, 2017
Package Holder: Late season surcharges will NOT be charged to any package holder that releases at least 50% of their package birds by December 31st, 2016.
Standard Birds are based on availability.
No same day call ins to hunt. Must call 1 day prior to hunt. Please call the lodge for details. 920-826-7382

For hours of operations please look at the Contact Page